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For many decades or even centuries, whales are fascinating the world. These intelligent giants of the ocean are no fish, but mammels. Unlike fish, whales don’t have gills, so they need to get up to the surface to breath air through their blow holes into their lungs. When breathing out, their fountains can be seen even from a greater distance as they can get up to 10 meters at times.

Once submerged, whales can stay under water up to 90 minutes before they fill their lungs with air again. You can never tell what might happen on one of our whale-watching tours as it can be funny, dramatic, exciting, interesting or all feelings combined. Each tour is unique and has its own character providing our guests with an unforgettable experience with long-lasting and over-whelming impressions and memories.

Of course, you need to follow certain rules when offering whale - watching tours. Experience is mandatory as you want to prevent possible collisions with the animals. Moreover, you should always keep a safety gap of at least 100 meters between the boat and the whales and avoid loud noises, such as knocking on the boats‘ walls.

Whale under water
Whale jumps

Above all, it is important to approach those amazing creatures very slowly and by no means separate the calves from their mothers as they might lose their orientation. Also, feeding and petting of the whales is strictly prohibited to avoid transferring diseases.

The whale-watching season is between August and November and we organize tours to spot the giants of the sea. Just 8-12 km outside our bay you can find humpback whales raising their calves. For those months they stay in the warm water to recover from their long journeys through the Atlantic Ocean. It is an amazing spectacle to watch those giants of impressive size.