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Ghana is considered the most peaceful, democratic and safest travel destination in Africa. Its rich culture and vitality of the Ghanaians make a visit an unforgettable experience. Ghanaians are very proud of their country and attach great importance to it to show the world. In close cooperation with the locals, we try to develop the tourism step by step, to make it an even more attractive and exclusive travel destination.

Kedas Lodge and Watersport Center is located right next to a small fishing village. As previous tourism did not yet get into remote places like this, development assistance and similar programs are processing very slowly. Our goal is to exchange experience and skills to achieve mutual benefit – to provide long-term development assistance on the site. This includes, for example, that Kedas Lodge employs most of their staff directly of the village next door. We provide special trainings in different areas such as service, accounting, safety and first aid, to name just a few.

As we offer a variety of activities, which carry certain risks, safety and environmental awareness is extremely important to us. We want to make sure that our guests feel comfortable and safe. Of course, local fishermen know best where to find fishing spots in the Gulf of Guinea, which is of great interest for divers like us. Moreover, they are proud to take you out in one of their traditional boats. In exchange, we provide the necessary European know-how to reduce water shortage, to improve sanitary facilities or transport routes or give them advice in how to sell their products at a profit. Also, we are providing them with our truck to get materials for their new school. A project between the cultural center San Antonio - Fort Axim and Kedas Lodge is already very successful. A series of books of the West Coast’s forts is financed by Kedas Lodge. Parts of these profits are used for the preservation and rehabilitation of the Axim Fort. Further projects are already in progress.

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