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An amazing village where life goes on in the centre of lake Tadane, just 90 km west of Takoradi. The houses are built on stilts, and traditional village life adapts to the watery conditions. The excursion from Beyin involves a walk through the reeds at the lake’s edge, and a trip in a dugout canoe to the village. The village welcomes visitors everyday except Thursday, which is a sacred day.

Quite only the journey in the canoe is worth the trip. It leads away by small canals with crystal-clear water, which are overgrown by water lilies. Later the thick mangrove-wood which makes a donation pleasantly shade grows rampant over the heads. After approx. 45 minutes one comes to the small and big lakes whose sight is simply fantastic.

The village itself accommodates between 400 and 500 people. There are three classrooms, an inn, a bar and a small shop where the locals can purchase the most necessary things. Otherwise all products must be got from the next town by canoe - a day trip.