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26th of August 2012
THE WHALES ARE HERE!!!!!! What a great day. It´s more than magnificent. They will stay now in our bay for to train her calves until november.

20th of August 2012
TV-Team spent some days at Kedas Lodge and made some shootings for “Living with Trisha“. What a funny weekend!

12th of June 2012
Our guests are fascinated of all the wunderful beaches around.

10th of June 2012
Raining season has begun in Miemia.... there are a lot of wonderful flowers and strange animals around....

28th of March 2012
Ministers come to Miemia to open the new school. A great feast for the whole village with traditional dance and drum music. Also the Minister of Fisheries is here. He warrants the fishermen more support from the government and makes the men courage.

1th of March 2012
It happens a lot in Ghana - in Miemia! Four biologists of the group "Blue Ventures" from Madagascar are stationed for about 2,5 months in KEDAS Lodge and Watersport- Center. With our experience and the equipment of KEDAS they will start the first MPA-project in Ghana (marine protected area). We do our best to support them.

12th of Januar 2012
Our courageous women - and men, of course! Only few of the people of Ghana can swim. With courage and enthusiasm start the first people their swimming lessons, first-aid course and their Open Water Course. Yaw is proud to be the first - in Ghana certified Open Water diver.

24th of December 2011
Christmas in Kedas Lodge.... Fun for kids and guest....drums,dancing people and SANTA brings 50 Balls for the village-kids

05th of November 2011
Family days in Kedas Lodge and Watersport-Center...culture, diving course, kayak tour, relaxing, fun for all.....

04th of November 2011
The end of the raining season is comming.... the visibility for diving will get better

15th of October 2011
What a sunset..... in Miemia

6th of September 2011
....... what all is running around here ...

30th of August 2011
Lizzy´s big day..... a traditional day for young ladies

3th of August 2011
Amandine and Pierre do their first DSD in the Gulf of Guinea and are thrilled! Starfish, stingrays .... and much excitement. The bay at Akatachi is just great for diving beginners and reachable with the Zodiac in 15 minutes.

28th of May 2011
Finally discovered the wreck Axim ... Despite very limited visibility in rainy season .... How great it will be on a clear day?

25th of April 2011
Our Easter weekend was a great success. Everyone was comfortable and enjoyed all of our watersport activities.

18th of April 2011
We keep upgrading our unites all the time. Our new painted rooms in warm and bright colours will make you feel even more cozy and comfortable.

16th of April 2011
It finally arrived! OUR NEW ZODIAC – IN BLAZING RED! Up to 8 people we can take out now to discover amazing dive spots or just cruise along the coast.

7th of April 2011
Our first German guests feel more than comfortable in our resort while relaxing at the beach or going on adventurous land excursions and kayak trips.

20th of august 2012
TV-Team spent some days at kedas Lodge and made some shootings for “Living with Trisha“. What a funny weekend!