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Crocodile Invocation

Directely in our neighbor-village – only 3 km far away, the local fetish priest entices the crocodiles from the water with a chicken. Bring a bottle of schnapps for the libation. Visitors are welcome everyday except Wednesday, a sacred day.

When we attended this small village the first time, I first set my eyes on children playing in the riverbed. Raving, playfully they jumped into the water. Looking closer, though, I didn’t trust my eyes. On the shore, not even 3 meters away from the children, a crocodile lay completely calm in the sun. It didn’t even seem to notice the children. His response to our question, weather the crocodile is dangerous for the children, was the following: "The crocodile won’t harm the children, but it came already at night to the village and has torn our chief out of bed ...... ". Well, regardless if true or not - it is an unbelievable sight which you won’t forget that easily.