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The Western Region of Ghana is an integrated complex of beautiful safe beaches and African touched beach resorts. It provides the largest collection of European trading forts (later used in the slave trade). The tropical jungles in that area are huge. There are many gold mines, picturesque villages, varieties of architectural styles, friendly people and vibrant festivals. The region's water villages on stilts are amazing to experience. A visitor can charter a local canoe out to the village and actually stay over night in a guest house on the water. The region is located in the south-western part of Ghana and shares boundaries with the Central, Ashanti, and Brong-Ahafo regions. To the West it shares a border with the republic of Cote D'Ivoire. The region has 192 km of tropical beaches on the Atlantic Ocean and a tropical climate characterized by moderate temperatures all year round. The native people of the Western Region are mostly Akans, speaking various dialects including: Ahanta, Nzema, Sefwi, Wassa, Brosa, and Pepesa. The dominant religion is Christianity, but there are also African indigenous beliefs and Islam. Principle economic activities include agriculture (cash crops and food crops), fishing (commercial and subsistence), mining and manufacturing. The main exportable products are cocoa, timber, copra, coffee, rubber/latex, gold, manganese and bauxite.