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Way to Miema


Depending on your arrival time at the airport, we recommend you to stay one night in Accra, if you arrive late in the evening. There are plenty hotels in Accra to chose from. Also, we advise you to exchange some money already at the airport (Travellarchecks are not accepted, but a VISA Card can be useful in Ghana, though).

You cannot compare Ghana’s road conditions to the European standard, therefore we do not recommend on driving at night. If you start your journey early the next morning you will be well rested and might avoid the heavy traffic in Accra. On your way you can get your first impressions of Ghana: passing by villages, green lush rainforest and even some rubber tree and oil palm plantations.

Another possibility to get to Takoradi is using the public buses at STC or ADB bus station (these are modern buses with air condition leaving hourly and regularly for just 5.00 Euro and taking you to Takoradi within three hours approximately. ADB buses are the most modern and reliable version of Ghanaian bus traffic). Also, there are domestic flights from Accra to Takoradi, which might be another suitable option for you.

Once arrived in Takoradi we can pick you up for 15.00 Euro per person. The drive from Takoradi to Kedas Lodge takes about 1.5 hrs. If you prefer going by taxi it costs approx. 20.00 Euro. Another alternative for the more adventurous ones is the local minibus (Tro Tro). It always goes as soon as it’s full and that may take between 30 minutes and an hour and also involves lengthy procedures of letting people on and off everywhere. However, it costs just about 3.00 Euro per person.

Palm fruits

Of course, we can orgnize a transfer directly from Accra to our beach in Miemia. This will cost approx. 80.00 Euro per person and takes between 6-8 hrs, depending on traffic and road conditions.

How to find Kedas Lodge and Watersprot-Center, Miemia Beach:

From direction Takoradi /Accra:
Following all the time in direction ELUBO / AXIM. (there is only one main road).
On the way you will find some signboards of KEDAS LODGE (blue).
If you see the signboards of ANKOBRA BEACH (yellow) you can also following this direction, because ANKOBRA BEACH or AXIM are the resorts behind us.

Before you come to AXIM (ca. 15 km before AXIM) there is a Police-Barrier on the road - Point Number 32.
Directly on this barrier (don´t pass this barrier!) you have to go LEFT on a sandy bush-road (following the blue signboards of KEDAS LODGE).
You need minimum 25-30 minutes to drive on this road through the bush, on the way you will go pass 3 small villages.
You come to a road fork, here you take the left way to Miemia.
In the middle of last village (Miemia) you have to go lefthand and following the way until you come to our resort. (You come down from a hill, the road is in the raining season very bad..... From this last hill YOU CAN SEE THE SEA and the village MIEMIA).

If you need help on the way, please call us.
phone: +233(0)-266-54 77 25 or +233(0) 26 60 80 225 or
+233 (o) 54 34 31 788.