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Ankasa Conservation Area is twin Wildlife Protected Area comprising Nini-Suhien National Park and the Ankasa Resource Reserve. It is about 500 sqkm situated in the Western Region of Ghana. Ankasa is the only area in the Wet Evergreen Forest. The Southwestern corner of the reserve is about 5 km from the border town of Elubo. Takoradi is about 120 km east.

Being the area with the highest rainfall in Ghana, Ankasa is the richest forest in terms of botanical diversity in the country. Its natural resources are enough to announce its presence on the world tourism map as haven and Ghana’s tourism address. Therefore, it is no wonder that Ankasa remains as one of the natural treasures of the nation.

The Big Tree
The "Big Tree", which is one of the most attractive tourist spots in the country, is located in one of the district's nine forest reserves, called the Esen Epan Forest Reserve, about 22 kilometres from Akim Oda on the Oda - Agona Swedru trunk road. The tree, believed to be the biggest in West Africa, is
12 m in circumference and 66.5 m tall.

The Water Fall
The Ankasa rainforest serves as shed for many streams and rivers. Three of them from which the forest derives its name are the Ankasa, Nini and Suhien. The fascinating characteristics of these rivers are the rapids found on them. The breezes along the rivers and rattling noise of the rapids are a delight to tourists.

The Bamboo Cathedral
The spectacular Bamboo Cathedral is located at Nkwanta about 8 km from the Ankasa gate of the Park. Though not a church building and has no human Bishop, a priest nor a creed, the site showcases nature’s perfect architectural design. The giant and suppliant bamboos bow and criss-cross at their apex as if in a handshake to form a dome. The bamboos plants forming a canopy give the semblance of a cathedral over which the breeze presides a perfect place for relaxation.